Frank Ocean Declares Actor Michael Stuhlbarg His 'New Dad' After Watching 'Call Me by Your Name'

Frank Ocean
Jason Merritt/Getty Images

 Frank Ocean arrives at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards at Staples Center on Feb. 10, 2013 in Los Angeles.  

There's a poignant monologue delivered at the end of the Sundance Film Festival hit Call Me By Your Name where Michael Stuhlbarg's character, Mr. Pearlman, embraces his son's sexuality and offers comforting words in the midst of his heartbreak. The scene resonated strongly with critics, but also singer Frank Ocean, who recently posted his reaction to the film on his Tumblr page. 

"Michael Stuhlbarg is my new dad now and that's that," Ocean wrote. While he didn't mention Call Me By Your Name? in the post, the emotive speech about acceptance that Stuhlbarg's character said to his son Elio is one to applaud. In the film, Elio and Mr. Pearlman's teaching assistant, Oliver, develop a friendship that quickly blossoms into a romance, but is cut short when it's time for Oliver to return back home. 

In 2012, Ocean opened up about his sexuality in a letter posted to Tumblr where he detailed his own experience of falling in love with a man at age 19. Frank's strained relationship with his father, Calvin Cooksey, has played out publicly after his father sued him for libel earlier this year, which Frank won back in October. 

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