Charlamagne Tha God & Joe Budden Think Nicki Minaj Had A Trash 2017

Charlamagne Tha God and Joe Budden got together to sip some Ciroc and discuss the dope and trash moments of 2017. The two polarizing media personalities didn’t mince words (when do they ever?) and gave their honest takes on all the music and media moments that transpired.   

While the two mostly agreed on the year’s hottest hip-hop records (JAY Z’s 4:44,  Cyhi The Prince’s No Dope on Sundays and Rapsody’s Laila’s Wisdom) they were both unified when speaking about 2017’s trash artists, which included Nicki Minaj.   

“Nicki Minaj is high on the trash list. She has exhibited a lot of trash this year.” Joe Budden said.   

For the Power 105.1 host, Nicki’s three songs “No Frauds”  featuring Drake and Lil Wayne, “Regret In Your Tears” and “Changed It” also featuring Lil Wayne is what helped her make the list.   

“I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a superstar of Nicki’s caliber put out three records at the same time, and by the way, the “No Frauds” record had the iHeart radio stimulus package, meaning you’re going to play it every hour on the hour on every urban station throughout the country. She might’ve even been on some of the pop stations. She had Wayne and Drake on the record and that record didn’t go, bruh.” Charlamagne Tha God said. “She had a record with Wayne that didn’t go, and she had another record– I don’t even know what the record was called–I don’t know what the f*ck happened to that record.”   

It should be noted that it was those three songs which helped the “Motorsport” artist break Aretha Franklin’s  longstanding record of having the most appearances by a female artist on the Billboard Hot 100.  Budden spoke directly into the camera and said that Nicki Minaj also spent a lot of 2017 trying to assert her superstar status.

“Now Nicki, I know you’re watching this because you watch everything. I know you’re sensitive and I know you think I have an issue with you. I don’t have an issue with you except for you cannot post your accolades every day on Instagram for the year because if you have to continuously tell us…Barry Sanders said ‘when you get to the end zone act like you’ve been there before.’ So to your point, Charlamagne, Nicki Minaj is a superstar. You cannot have 90 million Instagram followers and put out three records and not have any of ‘em catch.”

Nicki Minaj wasn’t the only one who caught the ire of Budden and Charlamagne. Eminem also made the cut.”How could he make the top trash list when he just got here in the fourth quarter?” Joe Budden questioned.

“Your man, your guy, Shady…Eminem was trash all year long and the bad part about it he didn’t come around until the fourth quarter and put up enough trash points to be All Star Trash this year. The BET freestyle cypher, I love the message. I love to see a white person using their privilege to combat prejudice but the bars were super subpar.” Charlamagne said.

This article was originally published on Vibe.