Snoog Dogg Shares His Christmas List, Desire to Make Gospel Music & More

Snoop Dogg
Marcus Hyde

Snoop Dogg poses with The Jingle Berry drink by Tanqueray

If there’s one entertainer who’s synonymous with having a good time, it’s Snoop Dogg. Whether he’s getting serious in the kitchen with Martha Stewart, headlining Madison Square Garden or chilling in his home studio, the hip-hop icon is always sporting his signature blissful grin.

The rap music mogul is constantly juggling an arsenal of projects, but also knows the importance of some good old-fashioned R&R. So when it comes to the holidays, Snoop is all about kicking back with family, friends, and of course, he assures us that there is no shortage of Gin & Juice.

While promoting his latest partnership with Tanqueray, Snoop gave Billboard a glimpse into his “Dogg family Christmas.” He also revealed his plans to tackle a new musical genre in 2018, what he hopes that Santa Claus will place under his tree, and shared a recipe for his favorite New Year’s Eve cocktail.

What are the holidays like in the Snoop Dogg household?

My family and I really just relax and enjoy time with each other. The year is always hectic for us so we just chill out. We don’t have any fancy traditions but our holiday is all about good food, good company, and good music. My family all comes together to help out but my wife, Boss Lady, always leads the way. She’s an amazing cook and pulls it all together for the holidays. We sometimes have family over to hit the BBQ as well. Nothing like a Dogg family Christmas meal!

Marcus Hyde
The Jingle Berry by Tanqueray

What are you and your family sippin’ on throughout the holiday season?

We always have wine and Tanqueray No. TEN flowin’ during the holidays to kick off the party. Gin & Juice is all year ‘round, baby. My go-to recipe of the season is a little treat I like to call “The Jingle Berry.” It’s a perfect 10. You got that fresh juice taste, that citrus from Tanqueray No. TEN and it’s really easy to make at home. It gives you a little extra flavor and something different to enjoy with loved ones during the holiday. I’ll be sippin’ on this all holiday season.

Recipe below:

The Jingle Berry
Created by mixologist Eric Ribeiro

1.5oz Tanqueray No. TEN
1.5 oz. Fresh Blackberry and Sage Juice
2 oz. Cranberry Juice
Garnish: Sage Sprig & Blackberries


1. Build Tanqueray No. TEN, fresh blackberry and sage juice, cranberry juice (to fill) in glass over ice and stir.
2. Garnish with a sage sprig and fresh blackberries on skewer.

Ideal Serving Glass: Collins

What’s on your Christmas list this year?

Since I’m always on the go, it’s great to spend the holidays with my family and friends. Knowing that they are in good health and spirits is enough for me. However, if you have to ask, here are some of the gifts that would look nice under the tree:

Cooking supplies from the Martha Stewart Collection, the latest Madden NFL Football Game, YSL Tuxedo Cologne, a pair of Levi 501s, a Versace robe, Adidas Pharrell HU Sneakers. And if I’m allowed a shameless plug in here, I have to say that my Merry Chripmas Sweaters make great gifts!

Speaking of your wife, your recent music video for “My Last Name,” was said to be a love letter to her. How did that come about?

Boss Lady has held me down since day one. She’s always there for me and our beautiful kids. This video was just a visual tribute of the love we’ve shared for decades.

Are you working on any new music at the moment?

Yeah. Ya know I’m always cookin’ up something. I’ll have some new projects for y’all in the New Year. But in the meantime, make sure to check out my latest project, Make America Crip Again.

You’ve crossed so many genres -- rap, hip-hop, and reggae. What’s next for you to tackle?

I have always wanted to try Gospel. This may surprise some people but all I gotta say is get ready for some good for your soul music in 2018!

What new artists are exciting you these days?

I’ve been rocking with rapper out of Watts, California, called STIX. He’s hungry, talented, and has hit the road with me for a few shows and tours the past year. He is really at the top of his game. STIX hustles and is definitely someone to keep an eye on. Lots of exciting things come up for him.

Who haven’t you collaborated with musically yet that you’d like to?

I’d have to say Sade.

How will you ring in 2018?

There is always a big party at my house to close out the year. The playlist is always fresh. We listen to a mix of everything. The essentials for throwing a good Dogg holiday party: get the whole crew together with some fresh beats, amazing food, and of course we’re sippin’ on Gin & Juice, baby!