Logic Thanks His Fans: 'I'm Stoked For You To Follow Me on a Journey Beyond Rap'

As 2017 comes to a close, Logic is taking a moment to reflect on his past year and to thank his fans for getting his album Everybody to the top of the Billboard 200 Albums chart this past May.

Speaking with Billboard, the rapper expresses his appreciation for the Rattpack, as his fans are called, saying that "it's pretty awesome" and that he loves the fact that he and his fans have "continued to grow from the mixtapes and from the basement and from just the beginning of my career to here."

"To know that I’m only 27, and to have so much further to go, I'm beyond stoked and excited for you guys to follow me on a journey beyond rap," he continues.

The "1-800-273-8255" artist shares his plans for the future, saying, "I wanna create in every element of not only music, but film and novels and everything. Everything that I can think of! And you guys have given me that power because you've given me a platform. Anything I can think, I can create and you guys will support me so thanks, I appreciate it."

You can watch Logic's full thank-you video above.