N.E.R.D. & Future Highlight Police Brutality & Violence In New Video '1000'

After nearly breaking the internet with the Rihanna-assisted "Lemon" visual back in November, N.E.R.D. returned on Wednesday (Dec. 6) with a more politically-driven video for "1000" featuring Future

The visual opens with protestors ripping the conservative flag, followed by a montage of violent riots and protests from all over the world spliced throughout the five-minute clip. While N.E.R.D. and Future aren't anywhere in the video, everyone's new favorite dancer Mette Towley -- who starred in the dance-centric visual for "Lemon" -- returns for another round of impressive choreography.

At one point in the clip, Towley is seen fighting with another person as a speech from Mike Tyson plays in the background. "But I’m totally confident.  All during my training, I’ve been afraid of this man. I thought this man might be capable of beating me," Tyson says. "I've dreamed of him beating me. The closer I get to the ring, the more confident I get. The closer and more confidence I get, the closer and more confident I get."

Towley launches into her choreography outside of an unknown location, backed by a phalanx of dancers, and continues her routine until the video ends. 

Watch the video for "1000" below.