Watch G-Eazy & Halsey Roam New York City in New 'Him & I' Video

In the new video for "Him & I," G-Eazy and Halsey are just their normal selves, Gerald and Ashley -- their birth names -- as the screen tells us that "this video was made by Gerald and Ashley on a weekend in NYC with friends."

The VHS-style footage displays two crazy kids in love, adventuring in the city. 

Last night, G-Eazy tweeted that the "Him & I" video was coming very soon. He quickly made good on his word: Seventeen hours later, he tweeted out the video, noting, "Him & I video out right now! One of my favorite videos I've ever done, because it's the most real, no extra shit, just her & I over a couple days in the city #TheBeautifulAndDamned." 

The video begins with a shot of the Brooklyn Bridge, accompanied by an F. Scott Fitzgerald quote from The Beautiful and the Damned: "They were stars on this stage. Each playing to an audience of two." The camera captures the star couple very much playing that quote out -- goofing around in the back of a car, falling into each other's arms in subway stations, casually walking the streets, and -- of course -- kissing.

Watch here.