G-Eazy & Halsey Are the '2017 Bonnie and Clyde' on 'Him & I': Listen

Just an uninformed guess, but G-Eazy and Halsey probably either fell in love while recording the newly released song "Him & I" or fell so in love that this song was the inevitable product of their romance. Either way, "Him & I" is here this morning (Dec. 1).

"Him & I" tells the fantastical tale of a rebellious, reckless love -- the kind you imagine a father maybe disapproving of, "the crazy kind" -- with ominous beats to move the 2017 Romeo & Juliet tale along. There is an unbreakable loyalty between the two of them regardless of circumstance.

G-Eazy plainly calls himself and Halsey the "2017 Bonnie and Clyde" on the track and states he "wouldn't see the point of living on if one of us died." The song maintains each artist's individual identities while also fluidly melding them into one. Halsey's voice maintains the same eerie and powerful feel the world has come to associate with her, leading into G's rap verses. (There is even an exchange where G-Eazy says "Love you, baby" and Halsey giggles, which apparently took three tries to perfect but still feels candid.)

The couple couldn't be more excited to finally share their music baby with the world as both have posted across social media.

The track is released ahead of G-Eazy's third studio album, The Beautiful & Damned -- a double-album and short film due out Dec. 15. And, in case you were wondering, according to the rapper himself, an accompanying video is "coming v[ery] soon."

Stream "Him & I" below (or purchase for yourself here):