Daniel Caesar Celebrates Grammy Nominations With New 'Freudian' Visual

Daniel Caesar, "Freudian" a Visual
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Daniel Caesar, "Freudian" a Visual

Daniel Caesar has had a stellar 2017 thus far, and on Tuesday (Nov. 28), his year became even better as the R&B singer earned two Grammy nominations for his debut album, Freudian. To celebrate his latest feat, Caesar dropped off the visual for the album's title track.

In the dramatic video, directed by Keavan Yazdani and Sean Brown, the split screen finds Daniel grappling with two different emotions. In one screen, his anger is evident as he's seated in a dimly lit room and sings, "You are the reason/ The reason I sing/ I have to preserve you/ 'Cause you're my everything." The other screen shows a calmer Caesar in the same room as the first screen, this time with a brighter light and some female companions. 

The screen then fades to black, and as a choir creeps in, the camera pans over a road, adorned with green trees and a hint of sunlight as Daniel, along with a cluster of female runners, run down the road. Daniel, clad in boot camp uniform, is seen yelling at the trainees, but as the third verse rolls around with Daniel singing from his lady's point of view, a trainee falls out of line and performs the lines herself as she addresses her trainer. 

"Know I'd take a bullet for you/ No you don't know what I go through," she mouths to Caesar. "And I know you think you're kind of nice/ Do you remember when I saved your life?" 

Watch "Freudian, a visual" below: