The Diplomats Reunite to Takeover NYC's Hammerstein Ballroom for Spotify's Rap Caviar Live Showcase

The Diplomats
Johnny Nunez/Getty Images for Spotify

Cam'ron and Jim Jones of the Diplomats perform at Spotify's RapCaviar Live in New York at Hammerstein Ballroom on Nov. 21, 2017 in New York City. 

It was truly a New York affair Tuesday night (Nov. 21) as hometown natives The Diplomats, A$AP Mob, and Highbridge The Label took the stage for Spotify’s RapCaviar Live showcase. Hammerstein Ballroom opened its doors for the highly anticipated event, and fans filled the cavernous venue anxiously waiting to see the show. If performances by Highbridge The Label and A$AP Mob weren’t enough, the long overdue Dipset reunion took fans on a wild ride.

It’s been 13 years since the release of Diplomatic Immunity 2, the last album from The Diplomats. The era where Dipset reigned supreme was a time that many fans would agree was legendary. Nothing could stop the Dipset train, as their influence on their hometown was unshakeable.

In mid-2006, however, rumors began to swirl that there were many issues within the Dipset camp. Internal conflicts and artistic differences ultimately drove the members in different directions, and effectively prevented the group from returning to glory. They were several attempts at reuniting the group over the years, with singles and a reunion show, but the conflicts were too strong to overcome. To the delight of fans, the moment that they thought would never happen came to fruition Tuesday night as the four original members hit the stage, performing for the first time together in four years.

Thanks to Spotify, in conjunction with Live Nation Urban, the RapCaviar Live show was truly a historic moment for New York City. There were several guests appearances throughout the night such as King Combs, Jay Critch, Uncle Murda, and more showed appreciation to Dipset and the New York City crowd. Lets take a look at the five highlights from the high energy night.

DJ SpinKing Should Have Been on the Bill

Most of the time during concerts, the DJ holds the stage down as the show transitions into each act. DJ SpinKing took it upon himself to make voice providing an excellent soundtrack to the night. To go along with the list of hits he played, DJ SpinKing brought out guests of his own, much to the crowd's delight.

At different times of the night Fat Joe, Uncle Murda, A Boogie wit da Hoodie and Casanova came out in support of the Bronx native. The highlight of DJ SpinKing’s set was his guest Tekashi 6ix9ine. “I brought my boy with me. He’s never touched a stage in New York City,” DJ SpinKing said to the crowd. As 6ix9ine walked up the steps of the stage set-up, his hit “Gummo” rang through Hammerstein Ballroom. The Brooklyn rapper felt the energy from the crowd and took a shot at rival rapper, Trippie Redd. 6ix9ine changed the chorus to: “Tell Trippie Redd shut up, I fucked that n---a bitch.”

A Boogie and Don Q Light up New York City

The rap label straight out of the South Bronx, Highbridge the Label, gave New York a show Tuesday night. Don Q opened the set performing records like “For the Family,” and bringing out Jay Critch for their collab “Started It." 

A Boogie Wit da Hoodie then burst on the scene with an energetic performance of his Don Q team-up, “Protect Your Patek." Then, he ran through his own catalog of hits: The crowd rapped along to “Money Sprung”, “Ransom”, “Drowning” and more as Boogie got on vibe with the audience.

A$AP Rocky Says He’s the "Greatest Contemporary Artist of All Time"

The A$AP Mob wasted no time delivering a fiery set. The Hammerstein Ballroom was at the palm of the Mob’s hands as A$AP Rocky and several members of the group turned the concert into a mosh-pit rager. The crew stormed the stage with a live performance of “Yamborghini Hi,” as the crowd jumped up and down in unison.

The mob is known for their high energy shows and their set Tuesday night was no different. “Pretty Flacko”, “Walk On Water”, and “RAF” shook the Hammerstein Ballroom. Rocky then broke down his verse on “Walk On Water” to prove he's no fluke with his lyrics.

#AsapMob #WalkOnWater #DipsetReunion pic.twitter.com/3VIjxUlwdy

— Mamba Mentality (@PrinceBeanz) November 22, 2017

Flacko proceeded to “talk his shit” as he took a moment to address New York City before bringing out Famous Dex to perform their new song “Pick It Up." “I want you all to know I’ve been waiting for this day ever since I became famous, to share the stage with Dipset,” Rocky said.

The Harlem rapper also took the time to express his status in the music industry. “I’m on my cocky Kanye shit, but it doesn’t matter. I’m the greatest contemporary artist of all-time. I need you to know, all this little razzle dazzle bum ass shit going on, Flacko season is about to drop real soon.”

A$AP Ferg Crashes the Party Late

A$AP Ferg arrived to party a little later, as the A$AP Mob hit the stage at first without the Hood Pope. Rocky told New York City crowd that the Mob wasn’t feeling the energy and asked where Ferg was. A$AP Lou dropped “Work (Remix)” as Ferg arrived to the scene in front of the raucous crowd. Ferg then performed “Mad Man” and “New Level” with the crowd partaking in several mosh pits inside the venue.

“This is history being made tonight. We’re at a 8 right now, I’m going to need you guys to hit 10,” said Ferg. As the crowd roared in approval, Ferg dropped “Plain Jane” and “Shabba," leaving the Hammerstein Ballroom to huge cheers.

Despite the Slow Start, Dipset Reigns Supreme

Taking a little more than an hour to hit the stage, The Diplomats had the crowd on edge. Loud chants of “Dipset! Dipset!” filled the spacious venue as time went by. The crowd grew tired and restless as each song that was played on the speakers received lukewarm reactions.

After about 30 minutes, people in the audience started to believe the Dipset crew weren’t even in attendance. It didn’t help either that the stage was filled with people, but with no sign of Dipset anywhere in sight. It got to the point where the crowd’s boos were drowning out the music. Before it got worse, Juelz Santana hit the stage to the crowd's loud boisterous cheers.

Santana apologized to the audience for the late start and got right to business. Each original member of the Dipset took the stage and performed a medley of their individual hits. Santana performed hits like “S.A.N.T.A.N.A”, “Make It Work For You”, and “Murda Murda” to the delight of many in the audience.

Santana's town #dipset #DipsetReunion pic.twitter.com/FBedxsYzvR

— Mamba Mentality (@PrinceBeanz) November 22, 2017

Jim Jones followed shortly after with his own hits, running through “Weatherman”, “G’s Up” and “Certified Gangsta”. By the time Cam’ron made his appearance, the Dipset unit had the crowd back on track. Then Cam hit the stage with his classic records “Killa Cam” and “Down and Out."

Unfortunately, the Dipset crew had a short set time due to the late start. When the time came for the crew to perform their legendary Dipset cuts, the audience was treated to several snippets. “Crunk Muzik”, “Dipset (Santana’s Town)”, “Oh Boy”, Hey Ma”, and “Dipset Anthem” despite being short versions, were well-received by the audience.

Cam’ron made it known their time was being cut short and thanked that audience for the support. The crew ended the night with a lively performance of their hit “I Really Mean It” and revealed that new music is on the way.