Vince Staples Thinks 'Big Fish Theory' Should Win a Grammy Award for Electronic Album of the Year

Vince Staples
James W. Mataitis Bailey

Vince Staples

Earlier this year, Vince Staples won the ears of rap aficionados when he unleashed his latest album, Big Fish Theory. For the Cali native, he firmly believes his project should undoubtedly be in the discussion for the 2018 Grammys, especially after he delved into the land of electronic music with his recent endeavor. In an interview with NPR, Staples broke down why Big Fish Theory trumps any other electronic project to be released this year. 

"My album is better than everything I'm seeing right now," Staples said after looking a list of possible electronic nominations. "And I'm very honest with that. I appreciate people's works and I never want to put myself first, but my album is better than everything I'm reading right now. So I should win electronic album of the year based on my production, alone. But it can't be that because I'm rapping on it — which makes no sense because I'm better than everything right here."

Later, Staples boldly doubled down his claim on Twitter where he succinctly wrote: "Big Fish Theory is electronic album of the year @GRAMMYAdvocacy." Staples won't have to hold his breath too long, as the Grammy nominations for 2018 will be announced Nov. 28. 

Check out this tweet below. 

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