RiFF RAFF Reflects on Lil Peep's Death, Their Matching Tattoos & Plans for a Joint Album

Riff Raff, 2016
Robin Marchant/Getty Images

Riff Raff visits at SiriusXM Studio on May 31, 2016 in New York City. 

The hip-hop community was rocked by 21-year-old rising star Lil Peep's untimely death on Wednesday. The young artist gained a cult-like following for his unflinching approach and candor throughout his records, and one artist who clung onto the "Awful Things" phenom was RiFF RAFF

After hearing about Peep's passing, Raff spoke about their relationship on Twitter and even revealed the time when the two artists got matching tattoos. RAFF discussed this further with Billboard, ruminating about how the actual decision to get matching tats came about. 

"[We were] backstage in Dallas, Texas, and passing around a bottle of Hennessy," he said. "[Lil Peep] had a tattoo artist there and he said I should get a tattoo. I said, 'What should I get?' He thought for maybe three seconds and said, 'A rice box.' Then, we sat there scrolling through Chinese letters on Google to see what would fit on both sides of the boxes on a small tat and we picked 'Ice Water' and those two symbols fit perfect. After I got out of the chain, he asked his stage manager, 'How long ''il I go on stage?' She said. '15 minutes.'"

RAFF also explained how the two artists both struggled with Attention Deficit Disorder and how they were able to connect through their mental issues. "He immediately sat in the chair to get his rice box tat. He was a crazy, unfazed, carefree kid and he had ADD like me," says RAFF. "I would literally grab his arm and say, 'Hey! I’m about to tell you something' to get his attention because I have ADD and I tell people, 'Hey, if you are talking to me and I’m zoned out doing something else literally grab my arm and say, 'Hey I'm about to tell you something!'"

Later, RAFF delved into their close-knit relationship and their future plans, which consisted of dropping a joint album and even celebrating Thanksgiving together.

"He was just a cool kid and had a vision for where he wanted to go and it just so happened that he could make sad songs that people could feel. So many people are gonna miss him. We had so many plans for next year. We were going to record a whole album and have Thanksgiving together. We were going to call our album Campfire Vampires. We had a whole photo shoot set up. Those dreams got turned to dust on this dark and gloomy day."