Wale Releases New Club-Inspired 'Good to Great' Along With 'Making Of' Video on Genius

Mary Kang

Wale at Original Penguin x Genius A Night of Legend 2.

Wale has dropped a new song on Soundcloud, "Good to Great" (Nov. 13), which the D.C. rapper says on the track's official lyric Genius page was inspired by "a lot of nights out after Summer On Sunset mixtape."

Summer On Sunset was a mixtape Wale put out in 2016. He continued to annotate in the official lyrics to the song on Genius, "It just feels like the end of the club, and it's about to go down. Nights like that are dope to me, because being able to share memories and document them through music is dope."

In the chorus, Wale boasts, "I can turn her good to great in one day."

On Nov. 2, Wale premiered the song at a private event with Genius called Genius x Original Penguin "Night of Legend."

In the making-of video, Wale says while sitting in the studio between recording sessions, "That's how I feel about 'Good to Great,' it's just a vibe song. Something for girls to escape -- maybe when they're at work, they want to hear it at their desk or their cubicle, their office, or whatever. It's a fantasy -- Cinderella."

Watch the full "The Making of 'Good To Great'" video and listen to the track below: