Iggy Azalea Changes Album Name to 'Surviving The Summer,' Shares Four New Tracks

Iggy Azalea
Arthur Mola/Invision/AP

Iggy Azalea arrives at the iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards on June 18, 2017 in Toronto, Canada.

Iggy Azalea fans have been patiently waiting for her album Digital Distortion to arrive, but it seems as if Iggy is doing away with her initial album title and is moving towards a new project. In light of the recent switch-up, Iggy gifted fans four new tracks to hold them over until her new album materializes. 

Iggy shared the tracks on Twitter, prompting fans to question her about Digital Distortion's whereabouts. When a fan asked the rapper if the title of the album remains the same, Iggy responded with the name of her new project, "surviving the summer."

A few fans requested that she release some of the songs off her latest album, but she refused saying, "i really cant give away songs other people have helped write/produce on because that would be in poor taste." The new songs were all written by Iggy with production from Ljay Currie, the sole feature on the new project. 

The "Team" rapper has faced multiple setbacks with Digital Distortion's release, which was supposed to drop on June 2 before it was switched to June 30. She went on a Twitter rant in July expressing her frustration with how her label has handled things and told fans she won't be releasing anymore singles from the project -- not even the highly anticipated collaboration with her former rival Azealia Banks

Listen to Iggy Azalea's new songs here and take a look at her tweets below.