Azealia Banks Compares Cardi B to Iggy Azalea, Calls Out RZA for Russell Crowe Incident

Azealia Banks
Courtesy of TheBLACKMedia

Azealia Banks during an interview with TheBLACKMedia.

After sparring with Cardi B on social media last September, it appears that Azealia Banks isn't finished taking swipes at the "Bodak Yellow" star. In an interview with TheBlackMedia, Banks is critical of Cardi's passion and dedication as an MC. 

"I’m very entertained by Cardi B and I really like ‘Bodak Yellow’ like it’s a really good song, but you are not that girl. It’s just the truth, it’s just the truth you know what I’m saying?" Banks explains. "I’m not trying to take anything from you, but you’re just, like, you know its like this female rap thing is like a linage its a real fire that burns in a soul, you don’t have that fire, I’m very happy for your success and I love your come up and I love like seeing you smile and having a good time, but this women’s expression, just the fire of the black women’s expression, Cardi, you don’t have it and you won’t get it, because it’s not you."

Banks continued to puncture Cardi's legitimacy by later comparing her to Iggy Azalea. "We’ve seen the movie before, it’s called Iggy Azalea," she said. "I know exactly what you guys do. You buy a No. 1. You buy a Grammy. It’s all being paid for. I’m not at all trying to take anything away from you. Shit, I’d fucking love if someone paid for me to fucking get an award. That’s great, but I’m that girl. Nicki Minaj is that girl. Remy Ma is that girl. Cardi B is not that girl."

Besides speaking on her feud with Cardi B, Banks also dives into her publicized spat with Russell Crowe, which happened last year when she claimed that the actor allegedly choked her, spat on her and kicked her out of his residence. According to Banks -- who attended the party as RZA's plus-one -- she was dumbfounded by his initial comments, in which he condemned the star for her allegedly trying to harm Crowe's party guests. 

"When RZA came out with his testimony, I was really kind of confused. When you listen to his TMZ testimony, he admits to Russell spitting on me, but then says I deserved it. I don't understand who anyone deserves to be spat on," Banks says. 

She adds: "RZA took me to Russell's house like a piece of ass. Like, he took me there to fuck Russell Crowe. 100 percent." 

After the incident in 2016, RZA publicly denounced Banks on Facebook and said that her version of the Russell Crowe story was a lie. "Azealia threaten to cut a girl in the face with a glass, then actually grabs a glass and physically attacks for no logical reason," he wrote. He later in the post called her an "obnoxious erratic individual." In an interview with The Breakfast Club last month, RZA admitted to Crowe spitting on Banks. "He spit at her. I saw that," he said. 

Check out Banks' interview below. 


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