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Lamorne Morris Shares Hilarious 'I Digress' Music Video: Exclusive

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"I Digress"

Lamorne Morris is very, very serious about his new rap project. Well, maybe that's a bit of a stretch. The comedic actor, best known for his portrayal of Winston on hit series New Girl, is taking on a new role, parodying the entire hip-hop community, essentially, for his upcoming comedy rap album The Lamorning After Pill.

The actor-turned-rapper says that some of the tracks on the set parody specific artists directly, "but as a whole, I tried to emulate all the people I admire in hip hop." His rap name? "The Homie Steve." 

Director Shane Drake couldn't contain himself when he first encountered The Homie Steve. “I remember the first time I heard Lamorne's songs -- I didn't know whether to bob my head or bust out laughing," he explains. What I did know was that I wanted to make music videos for all of them!  And that's what we did."

Today, Morris shares his newest track and video exclusively with Billboard, titled "I Digress," the first recorded for his new album.

Morris explains the narrative behind "I Digress," which peers into The Homie Steve's more arrogant side. "Essentially this song is about a guy so rich and paranoid that he gets sidetracked every time someone knocks on the door," he says. "Instead of answering, he just brags about all of his shit."

The video, which appears to take place in some sort of mansion, is actually in a much, erm, shadier place. "We shot this video in a sex dungeon in Compton," Morris admits. "They may not label it a sex dungeon. But people do some grown-up stuff in there. Beautiful location." 

The "weirdo in the chorus," as Morris describes the character, is played by Jaleel White, best known for his iconic character Steve Urkel from '90s sitcom Family Matters. White had nothing but love for fellow actor Morris, who he referred to as his "thespian compadre." According to White, "[Morris] is one of two SAG actors who have the power to summon me before cameras, no questions asked.  His latest creation #idigress is evidence of this long established trust.  No animals were harmed during the making of this video but a few feelings on set may have been hurt.  Oh well."   

According to Morris himself, White is "really dropping a deuce" in the video. See if you can catch it above, and subscribe to Morris' YouTube channel Lamorner Bros to catch all upcoming videos.