Watch Macklemore Gets His Astrological Chart Read: 'TBH I'm Saying You're Always Emo'

Macklemore on Literally Literally
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Macklemore on Literally Literally

Now he's considering adopting two goats, or maybe going acoustic.

Macklemore recently leaned even further into the stars, getting his astrological charts read in a not-so-traditional promotion for his solo album Gemini. Even though his album's name is derived from astrology, the rapper struggled to take the whole thing seriously, though the reason for his silly attitude may lie in his charts. 

Mack asked the reader, Jessica, if she was suggesting he was particularly emo during the reading, to which she replied, "TBH I'm saying you're always emo," and gave him a date - Dec. 20, 2019 - on which his emo-ness would peak. The two then agree that his music writing will flow especially freely during this time. 

Bringing a new child into the world and finding musical success are, of course, large events that hover in Macklemore's future, to which he admitted, "At this point it is a choice if I want to keep grinding and going down the path of music and creativity and filling up a schedule or do I want to fall back and live on a farm and cop two goats?" Jessica voted for the goats. Apparently, his charts read that he is a "country mouse," going against his deep love and identity with the city of Seattle. "I'm not saying you should live with goats forever," Jessica explained. "Buy them, herd them, snuggle them now and again. You know. Love is love." 

Things turned a bit more serious, as Jessica noted to Macklemore that he needed to define his own success, as the music industry is "emptying out [his] soul" and that might not be in his best interest in the long run. At the end of the emotional reading, the rapper stated, "I think I'm going acoustic." Jessica thought he should bring the goats along, and maybe she's onto something.

See the entire reading, below:


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