Rome Fortune Unleashes His New Fiery Track 'Ten Four': Premiere

Rome Fortune
Nolan Feldpausch

Rome Fortune

As the year begins to wind down, Atlanta upstart, Rome Fortune, is already setting his sights on 2018. 

After setting the hip-hop circuit ablaze with his debut album, Jerome Raheem Fortune, the blue-bearded wordsmith is ready to maximize his efforts on his forthcoming Pimpstar Popstar EP. In hopes of whetting his fans' appetite for new music, Fortune unveils his Lava Dome-produced track "Ten Four."

"Freestyle in a n---a phone, I'm pissing and I'm shitting on/ My competition constantly, like honestly, I feel at home," he raps over the unconventional soundscape. 

"My producer Lava Dome and I stripped 'Ten Four' down to make you feel like you’re at a high-end, trap rave in a submerged submarine," Fortune tells Billboard. "There are no tracks that sound like 'Ten Four.' It has a bounce everybody can rock to, but it’s something completely new.” 

Fortune will also be releasing his EP Pimpstar Popstar under his new label, SMALL VVORLD. "Having the ability to control and express the specific vision you have for yourself as an artist should be top priority. I’ve interacted a lot with my fans during this process, giving them access to music and allowing them to help inform the releases," says Fortune, who's plotting to drop a single every two weeks. 

Outside the music front, Fortune will be diving into the television world, after landing a role on CW's Black Lightning. “I was so excited to be asked to be on the new Black Lightning TV series, based on DC Comics' first black superhero," says Fortune, who'll make his show debut in early 2018.  

While Fortune didn't divulge any details regarding the show, he did say that he'd be performing on there. "I can’t say too much about it, but you will see me perform on the show.” 

Listen to "Ten Four" below and check out the trailer for Black Lighting