Jhene Aiko Teams Up With Get Schooled to Launch Her #PennyPens Campaign

Jhene Aiko x #PennysPen Campaign
Courtesy of FYI Brand Communications

Jhene Aiko x #PennysPen Campaign

Jhene Aiko's sophomore endeavor Trip illustrated her growth not only as a woman, but also as a songwriter. Inspired by her own journal entries which helped piece together her 22-track effort, Aiko has joined forces with Get Schooled to launch her #PennysPen campaign, which will encourage young people to express themselves through writing. 

Named after her alter-ego Penny, Aiko's campaign kicked off Thursday (Oct. 19), the day before National Day on Writing and will last until Oct. 27. With writing serving as an outlet for Aiko, she hopes her younger audience will gravitate towards the art the same way she has. 

“Writing poetry has always been a form of therapy for me and has helped me get through difficult situations,” Aiko said. “When no one else understands, our journals can understand.” 

“Jhene has a powerful vision to inspire young people to understand the power of their pen.  She understands that when young people can use their writing to express who they are and what they have experienced,  they can become better advocates for themselves and their communities, “said Marie Groark, executive director of Get Schooled. “Get Schooled is excited to partner with Jhene in the fulfillment of this vision.”

Young people from the ages of 13-21 are being asked to share their written work through Instagram or by submitting their clips through GetSchooled.com. Top entries will be eligible for a #PennysPen writing kit. Those who complete the "Power of the Pen" badge through GetSchooled will be rewarded a Jhene-inspired sticker.