Rexx Life Raj & Russ Crave Fiery Love on 'Burn Baby Burn': Premiere

Rexx Life Raj
Marco Alexander

Rexx Life Raj

With the release date for his new album Father Figure 2: Flourish looming, Rexx Life Raj unveils his catchy new single "Burn Baby Burn" featuring Russ

The Cisco Cortez and Evan Ma-produced record finds Raj's fiery love on the verge of breaking the thermostat. "You got that fire, you lit that fire in me/ you're my desire, you're right where I wanna be," he sings on the spellbinding hook. 

On the second verse, Russ lights up the track with indelible bars of his own. "When you're bad and you're low-key/ You're thinking one knee, I'm thinking both knees/ Damn I was changing my ways for you/ Spend money, spend nights, spend days with you," he raps. 

"'Burn Baby Burn' came about in a very rare session with Cisco Cortez and Evan Ma," Raj tells Billboard. "I wanted to do some up-tempo 4-on-the-floor shit, something I hadn’t done at the time. We worked on the beat and I took it back to my studio and channeled my inner Prince... Sent it over to Russ, he bodied his verse, and the rest is history. I hella fuck with the record because it’s a lot different from the music I usually do, but it’s still me."

Take a listen to "Burn Baby Burn" below. Father Figure 2: Flourish drops 11/17. Pre-order here