Caye Vows to Stay True to Himself on 'With U': Premiere

Caye, 2017


Boston bred MC, Caye, premieres his jazzy record "With U" with Billboard today (Oct. 10). Produced by Dawgus, the vibrant production finds Caye skating through the aqueous track with ease: "I rely on intuition/ That and my ambition put me up in this position/ Now I got a platform, I'mma partition/ Homie you can take shots, but you're out of ammunition," he spits. 

Later, Caye showcases his duality as an artist by stapling together a soulful hook. "I'm gonna love you like there's nothing to lose/ Don't fuck with nothing, but I'm fucking with you," he sings in a falsetto. “I’ve always found it interesting how people can be so hesitant to be their true selves in front of strangers," Caye tells Billboard. In this song, I ask if we can break down those walls and be ourselves. Maybe even consider what it’s like to live in one another’s shoes.”

A sophomore at the USC Thornton School of Music, Caye has been putting the finishing touches on his debut album Pink Tree Paradise. Thanks to his breakout record "Coma" in 2016 -- which earned over 5 million streams -- Caye's fan-base has grown exponentially.

Later this month, he will join Chance the Rapper, Major Lazer, The Killers and Odesza at the Lost Lake Festival in Phoenix, AZ on Oct. 22. After that, he'll embark on his own tour beginning Nov. 15 in Ottawa, ON. Tickets are available here

Listen to "With U" below.