Devvon Terrell's Relationship Takes a Turbulent Ride in His New Video 'Temperature': Premiere

Devvon Terrell
Devvon Terrell for The R Music Group

Devvon Terrell

While many fans identify Devvon Terrell as a successful YouTube cover star, the R&B singer is hoping to etch a lane for himself as a legitimate threat in the realm of music. On Friday (Oct. 6), Terrell takes a major swing at success with his latest video "Temperature," from his new album Weird Nights which dropped the same day. 

The crafty visual finds Terrell shifting gears between hot and cold in terms of a relationship. On one end, the video heats up and the background turns red, signifying the fiery side of love. Then, on the other side, the video shows the blistering side effects of love when the background later becomes blue. 

"The video is inspired by the scenario of getting to know someone," Terrell tells Billboard. "It's a visually symbolic representation of being on and off in a relationship, with the blue background representing cold and the red representing hot."

He adds: "Dropping Weird Nights lets the world see the imperfections and vulnerability of myself. I'm finally being honest and that means everything to me. Life is not all about love. Life is not all about money. So for me, I wanna have songs about money, love, friends turning into enemies, family problems... All of those things are real."

Terrell's debut album, Weird Nights, is out now. Check out the album and "Temperature" video below.