Jason Derulo Plays '1 Has to Go' With Junk Food, Sneakers & Male Artists

"I’m not a 'Star Wars' and 'Harry Potter' guy. Although I think they look really dope, but I just fall asleep every time. It’s weird," said the singer-songwriter.

In the latest installment of Billboard's "1 Has 2 Go" series, Jason Derulo takes on the grandest game of them all, picking one of the three items presented to him at our studios. 

The singer-songwriter took on the challenge deciding between a few important matters: Converse, Jordan's or Nikes? Macaroni and cheese, pizza or nachos? The most difficult round, however, included picking between male artists. 

When it comes down to Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber and Usher, the R&B artist ultimately gets rid of Bieber saying, "The Biebs got to go, but I do appreciate his dance moves." He goes on to explain why he does so, revealing that the King of Pop and Usher just had way more influence on his career early on, specifically in the realm of dance. 

"Both Michael Jackson and Usher were the premiere dancers for me growing up, but Michael Jackson was the all out fave, for sure. I mean he is the sole reason I started singing and dancing in the first place," said the 28-year-old.

Watch above for the full episode.