A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie Raps Underwater in 'Drowning' Video

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, "Drowning (Water)"
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A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, "Drowning (Water)"

After unleashing his debut album The Bigger Artist last week, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie returned on Wednesday (Oct. 4) to give his single "Drowning" the video treatment. In the new clip, the rapper heads on a high-speed chase with authorities after his robbery attempt goes awry.

A muffled audio clip of a news report is heard as the melodic piano arrangement of "Drowning" begins. A black grand piano and a chain that reads "A Boogie" floats in the ocean before the New York rapper appears on the screen to deliver the chorus. "Wrist so icy, wonder why she like me, bitch I'm drowning/ In water, I just bought a Cuban, dipped it in a fountain/ Everywhere that I go it's a light show, I'm surrounded/ Bust down, bust down, bust down, bust down, bust down, bitch I'm drowning," he raps underwater as all his possessions, from his "icy" watch to stacks of money swim around him. 

Boogie is later accompanied underwater by two mermaids before footage of the actual heist gets spliced in the middle of the visual. Kodak Black's verse is replaced by the black and white clip of the "My Shit" rapper and his counterpart preparing for their robbery. As the robbery takes place, Boogie's "If I Gotta Go" off his new album TBA plays in the background. The RiTE Brothers-directed clip then cuts to footage of the high-speed chase and then returns to Boogie's underwater performance. 

The Bronx native kicked off his The Bigger Artist Tour back in September. Boogie will make stops in major cities including Dallas, New York and Philadelphia and will close out his trek in Europe for a few dates in December.

Watch A Boogie perform "Drowning" underwater below.