Toni Romiti Refuses to Be a Side Chick in Her New Video 'Options': Premiere

Toni Romiti
Dennis Leupold

Toni Romiti 

Singer-songwriter Toni Romiti delivers a sultry, yet direct proposition to her lover in her “Options” video premiering exclusively today (Oct. 5) on Billboard.

Refusing to play the number two role to another woman, Romiti slashes any hopes of working things out with her scandalous beau. "If you wanna give it to her, you and I both know she can't take my place," she sings. 

Romiti reflected on making and wrapping the video shoot for the song saying, “At the end of this music video, I smoked a blunt. I get really sentimental when I smoke.” She added by saying, “I was watching the dolphins jumping against the sunset, and I started thinking about how surreal this moment was for me. I was thinking to myself, ‘damn, I'm sailing in Malibu on a yacht that I rented out of my own pockets, and I'm surrounded by a crew that I hand-selected to help bring my vision to life.”

Recognizing how far she’s coming already in her young career, she notes, “It's so crazy to feel that progress, and it's so empowering. Before, I never had money to spend on music videos, because no one believed in me enough to invest in me. I had to build really slowly and invest in myself along the way. I'm still that same girl from Chicago though... right after I got off the yacht, I went to eat dinner at IHOP. Life is dope.”

The Chicago native played college basketball before gaining traction as an artist and moving to Los Angeles to further her singing career. Since landing in the City of Angels, Toni has worked with everyone from Ty Dolla $ign, Camila Cabello, DC Young Fly, and Chris Brown.

Sail away to “Options” below.