Shady's Back: Eminem's Album Is Complete, Producer Says

Good news, Eminem fans; Shady is coming back. Eminem’s longtime producer Mr. Porter, recently updated die-hards on the status of Em’s upcoming album, and apparently the project is already finished.

“Am I working on Eminem’s album? No,” Mr. Porter said.

Well, that’s not exactly the answer you’d expect if the album is supposedly done. But the producer followed up his first point by saying: “We are done. How about that?”

Not so fast though. “Done” doesn’t necessarily mean the album is ready to roll out just yet. But let’s hope it’s good enough to get a single from the project in the near future.

Eminem hasn’t released a solo track since 2016’s “Campaign Speech.” And even longer than that, the rapper hasn’t dropped a full-length, studio album since The Marshall Mather’s LP 2 in 2013.

Check out the video of Mr. Porter below.

This article originally appeared in Vibe.