Future Covers 'Highsnobiety,' Talks Longevity & Work Ethic

Thomas Welch for Highsnobiety.com
Future in the Fall/Winter 2017 issue of Highsnobiety.

"I’m always making music. I feel like that’s the key."

Known as an indomitable workhorse in the studio, Future has been relatively quiet since dropping back-to-back albums earlier this year. But in spite of his silence over the last several months, the Atlanta rapper recently nabbed a cover on Highsnobiety to speak on his prolific career and his thoughts on longevity.

After notching an unprecedented feat which consisted of back-to-back No. 1 albums on the Billboard 200 in consecutive weeks last February, Future has cemented his legacy as a top-tier artist in music. For him, his ability to stay in tune with himself and not doctor his sound to appeal to radio has been crucial to his success. 

"Being yourself [musically] is the most important thing because if you think your shit ain’t working and stop trying and then somebody else tries it and it starts working for them, you’re going to be mad," says Future. "Some people try to be everybody, so that’s why they burn out. There’s longevity in being yourself and not trying to be 10 other people."

In regards to his masterful work ethic, Future speaks on his ability to study different sounds and his diligence when crafting new music in the studio. "I’m always making music. I feel like that’s the key. Music will change in just three months, so if I go to Europe for a whole three months and come back, the music scene will be completely different," he says. "I just try to stay in tune with what’s going on: I keep my eyes open for the new artists, listen to new melodies on the radio; pay attention to the tempos playing in the clubs."

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