Cardi B's Dentist Says Business Has 'Tripled' Since Her 'Bodak Yellow' Shout-Out

Long before "Bodak Yellow" shattered the Billboard Hot 100 charts, Cardi B was known for many things: her humor, outspokenness and her signature crooked smile. Following her first season on VH1's Love & Hip-Hop, Cardi invested in a new smile, courtesy of celebrity dentist Dr. Catrise Austin -- which Cardi raps about on her latest hit -- and according to Austin, business has skyrocketed ever since her shout-out on the song. 

Austin is referring to the line where Cardi raps, "Got a bag and fixed my teeth, hope you hoes know it ain't cheap." In a video obtained by TMZ, Austin says that ever since "Bodak Yellow" went No. 1 earlier this week -- dethroning Taylor Swift's "Look What You Made Me Do" -- her client list has grown exponentially. "Just this week I've gotten so many calls because people actually wonder who is Cardi B's dentist," she said. "My business has literally tripled and I have seen so many types of people from college students to the retired police officers. 

"These are people who have been wanting to do smiles, but Cardi B has totally inspired a lot of people to improve their smiles, which really changes your life," she continued, adding that people have searched "who is Cardi B's dentist?" to find her. She thanked her chart-topping client for the exposure. 

The Bronx MC revealed in a Breakfast Club interview earlier this year that she decided to fix her teeth as a result of being ridiculed for her smile. "I know I'm gonna be more and more on TV and I know they don't look right and then I did get a little tired... I felt like I was getting bullied," she told the hosts. "I'm the type of person, too -- like, I'm a Libra -- that I like to be like 'Ah-ha! What you gon' say 'bout me now?'"

Watch Dr. Catrise Austin's video below.