Macklemore Collaborates with Kesha on Emotional 'Good Old Days'

The release of Macklemore’s first solo album since 2005, Gemini, is just around the corner. Although he didn’t work with Ryan Lewis this time around, the album is jam-packed with features from artists like Lil Yachty, Skylar Grey and Offset. In the run up to the album’s Friday (Sept. 22) release date, the Seattle rapper released "Good Old Days," a collaboration with Kesha, today (Sept. 19).

Acoustic piano sweeps across the track as Kesha subtly taps into the “Indie Pop Voice” common among pop stars like Halsey and Lorde, coloring that Top 40 lilt with a gravelly R&B flavor. When Macklemore’s verse kicks in, gentle drumming propels the song from a ballad into a mellow yet catchy pop song. 


As the song progresses, Kesha’s soulful wails convey the sense of loss that accompanies nostalgia, accentuated by lyrics like, “I wish somebody would have told me that/ That some day, these will be the good old days.” Macklemore complements Kesha’s emotional vulnerability as his raps create vivid vignettes of his anxiety about the future.

Today (Sept. 19), Kesha tweeted this about the song: "My new song w @macklemore reminds me of being 16 chasing wild dreams not knowing those moments would be so precious [❤️]."

This is her first featured appearance on a single since 2013’s “Timber” with Pitbull, and she recently released her album, Rainbow, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart in August.

Listen to “Good Old Days” below: