A Timeline of Danielle Bregoli's (a.k.a. the 'Cash Me Outside' Girl) Rise to Celebrity

Danielle Bregoli, 2017
Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

Danielle Bregoli attends the Day N Night Festival at Angel Stadium of Anaheim on Sept. 8, 2017 in Anaheim, Calif.

Danielle Bregoli has come a long way in the year since being introduced to the world on Dr. Phil a year ago. A tumultuous relationship with her mom made public on national television soon had the internet hooked on her every word, and created a lucrative opportunity for the young teen to use social media to launch a career with no obvious direction.

As Danielle continues to define her career as a musician and viral sensation, Billboard compiled a timeline of the teen’s biggest moments, from her breakthrough appearance on Dr. Phil to her recent Atlantic Records deal.

Dr. Phil Introduces Danielle to the World -- Sept. 2016

Danielle Bregoli first appeared on Dr. Phil with her mother Barbara Ann, after tension between the two had come to a breaking point. Barbara Ann told the show that she would rather hand her daughter over to the authorities at this point, after Danielle falsely reported to police that her mother was a drug user. The mother also detailed how Danielle had stolen her credit cards and cash, even purchasing a stripper pole with the money.

While filming, Danielle lived up to her bad rap when she stole a Dr. Phil crew member’s car for a joyride. Danielle coined her iconic phrase when reacting to the ‘hoes’ in the audience laughing at her, yelling “Cash me ousside, how bout dah,” with the audience smugly applauding her challenge.

Turn-About Ranch -- Fall/Winter 2016

Dr. Phil hoped for a transformation when he referred Danielle to Turn-About Ranch, a residential program in Utah “specializing in modeling and shaping honesty, accountability, responsibility, teamwork and leadership in troubled teens" -- in other words, trying to convince the 13-year-old that stealing cars and ‘mushing-in’ her mom’s face wasn’t the way to go. There, she was responsible for caring for a small horse named Chief, who seemed to share a few personality traits with Danielle. She theorized about the horse's name, offering, “I guess it’s ‘cause he’s little, and he thinks he runs stuff.”

Return to Dr. Phil -- Feb. 2017

Danielle was seemingly changed by her experience at Turn-About Ranch, saying, “I just feel OK with who I am now. I don’t have to put on a front to impress anyone.” Staffers from the ranch commended the progress she made, and even Barbara Ann had kind words about her daughter. Clad in an enormous fur coat, Barbara Ann gushed, “Dani went from being this little ‘tough girl’ to being just a normal kid. A lot of people didn’t think she could do it -- and she proved them all wrong.”  

Her feelings soon changed when Danielle returned home, only to push the boundaries of the behavior contract Turn-About Ranch helped set up. Still, Barbara Ann conceded that she'd learned to pick her battles, claiming her daughter’s addiction to her phone and skipping school was still better than stealing cars or running away.

During this second appearance on Dr. Phil, Danielle coined a second, less immediately iconic but still notably snarky phrase, telling Dr. Phil, “I guess what’s good for you is, I made you just like Oprah made you. You were nothin’ before I came on this show.”

Throwing Punches on a Plane – Feb. 2017

In the same week Danielle returned to Dr. Phil, she was banned from Spirit Airlines along with her mom and another passenger. After Barbara Ann took too long to put her luggage in an overhead bin, a passenger began to complain, instigating Danielle to punch the passenger in defense of her mother. The passenger made a citizen’s arrest and all three were eventually escorted off the plane, but no arrests were made.

Stars in Kodak Black “Everything 1K” Video – Feb. 2017

Danielle starred in the breakout Florida rapper's visual for the opener to his Lil B.I.G. Pac mixtape. There’s nothing exciting or unexpected about the appearance, as Danielle sits in and on a Rolls Royce, lip synching as she shows off her bank roll and gold grill.

Bar Brawl After Curfew -- Feb. 2017

Danielle kept busy for all of February, getting caught in a mild fight on CCTV outside a Florida bar. After a patron suggested that Danielle was out past her curfew, a friend hurled ice cream at the patron and hurried off. The CCTV cuts off as the patron rushes after Danielle and her friend.

Plans to ‘Vibe Some Records’ On Tour -- May 2017

Danielle teased on social media that Live Nation would be featuring her in two test shows, July 8 in Florida and July 9 in Houston, to test the waters and see how far she could ride the wave of her viral fame. At the concerts, manager Adam Kluger explained of her appearance, “She'll be vibeing some records, and she'll do a live Q&A with the audience and have some one-on-one moments with people on the stage. The reason why teenagers and young adults are so interested in her is because she is refreshingly honest. She doesn't care how a 14-year-old is supposed to act. She's true to her brand.”

No Longer Plans to ‘Vibe Some Records’ On Tour -- June 2017

One day before tickets went on sale, Kluger explained to Billboard that several new opportunities were presented to Danielle, and that the decision was made to pull the shows in order to focus on a larger mystery project.

Criminal Charges Catch Her in the Courtroom -- June 2017

Danielle pleaded guilty to several charges, some predating her original Dr. Phil appearance. The teen’s new criminal record featured charges of grand theft, marijuana possession, and filing the false police report on her mother way back when. Her father Ira Peskowitz, previously out of the picture, was said to be fighting for custody of his daughter, worrying that she was being groomed for a pornographic career because of her odd rise to fame.

Five Years Probation -- Aug. 2017

Danielle is sentenced to five years probation following the four separate arrests that brought her to court. Conditions of the probation include a 5PM to 6AM curfew, 100 hours of community service, and mandatory courses in sexual education and domestic violence.

The Unveiling of Bhad Bhabie and “These Heaux” - Aug. 2017

After being teased by TMZ, Danielle Bregoli released her first ever single “These Heaux” under the name Bhad Bhabie. On the song's hook, Bregoli insists, “I ain’t nothin’ like these hoes/ Don’t compare me to no one/ Money green like Cee Lo/ Yeah my pocket so swollen.” The meme-worthiness of it all made Danielle the youngest female to debut at No. 77 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Just a few days later, Danielle released the visual for “These Heaux.” In the video, she lip syncs the track as she rides casually past a small group of mothers protesting her fame.

 Bhad Bhabie Scores Record Deal With Atlantic - Sept. 2017

On Friday (Sept. 15) Danielle officially rode her viral fame all the way to a multi-million dollar, multi-album deal with Atlantic Records. Her musical talent joins a roster boasting Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, Wiz Khalifa, and Cardi B. Will Dr. Phil intervene this time?