Donald Glover Again Teases Joint Project With Chance the Rapper: 'I Gotta Do Something'

On Sunday (Sept. 17), multi-faceted star Donald Glover continued his epic 2017 by nabbing two Emmys for his FX series Atlanta and becoming the first African American director to win the award for outstanding directing for a comedy series. Aside from snatching trophies left and right for his critically acclaimed show, the "Redbone" crooner divulged a bit of information regarding his elusive project with Chance the Rapper

"I don't ever want to do anything because I'm forced to," said Glover when asked about his upcoming projects following his Emmy wins. "I think once you do that, things start to get bad and you jump the shark. Also, I feel like if I don't make a Chance the Rapper mixtape, like double mixtape, a bunch of 14 year olds are gonna kick my ass. They stop me on the street; it kind of scares me. So I feel like I gotta do something. I probably will."

Since 2014, hip-hop aficionados have been salivating for a Chano and Gambino mixtape after the two MCs paired up for their 2013 collaborations "Favorite Song" and "I. The Worst Guys." For the last three years, both stars have tantalized listeners with constant promises regarding a potential project.


Last January, Chance posted a photo with he and Glover on Instagram. The caption was a cryptic message that read, "Hawaii then LA, back to work. #roscoeswetsuit." The message dates back to Glover's 2014 screenplay, which accompanied his sophomore endeavor, Because of the Internet. In an interview with radio Los Angeles personality Big Boy last February, Glover said that he and Chance "sat down in the studio and were talking for a little bit," though he didn't mention whether music had been recorded or not.