Trae Tha Truth Drops Uplifting Video 'Tryin' to Figure It Out (Houston Hurricane Harvey Dedication)': Premiere

Jonathan Mannion
Trae Tha Truth

Despite the destruction Hurricane Harvey caused to the city of Houston, a couple of heartfelt stories came to light during the last several weeks. For one, Trae Tha Truth has played an integral role in rescuing those trapped by the flooding with his boat -- including NBA star and Texas native, Jonathan Simmons -- providing food and supplies to local residents and more. And on Thursday (Sept. 14), Trae unearthed an empowering record from his 2015 album Tha Truth titled, "Trying to Figure It Out" and shot a video to showcase the devastation caused by Harvey. 

The stirring visual contains news clips of reporters speaking on the aftermath of Harvey, while also conveying the melancholy mood of the residents of Houston. "Look yea it's funny how life ain't shit until you see the worst/ Seen the pain felt by someone you love laying in a hearse/Like some of those feelings extinct/ Everything down the drain you just stuck in the sink," raps Trae. 

"The song fits the mood," the Houston star tells Billboard about his decision to release the video two years later. "I was watching people post videos from Houston putting the song in the background, and it just so happens that the performance part of the video was shot a year or two years ago. Phillyflyboy took it upon himself to place footage from Houston right now into what we already had with performance footage. It fits perfect because it shows the reality of what's going with Houston. I'm not into promoting music right now, but I feel light needs to be shed so that people know what we're going through."

Though Houston continues to be in rebuild mode, Trae is working diligently on expediting the process with his organization Angels By Nature. "I've been working on the ground with my organization, Angels By Nature," he says. "We're the runners. We're the ones who pick up supplies like food, water, everything when it gets delivered to the warehouses and bring it to the neighborhoods. My partner, Mr. Rodgers, and myself are known as the 'Relief Gang' in Houston right now."

Watch Trae's empowering video below.