Thutmose Keeps the Grind Going on 'Still I Rise': Premiere

Hennessy Vandheur


The grind never stops for Brooklyn rapper Thutmose. On his new track "Still I Rise," premiering exclusively on Billboard, the rising MC shoots down the naysayers and seeks to inspire fellow "underdogs" to persevere.

Blurring the line between hip-hop and dance music, the anthemic track begins with a soaring, ominous beat and later expands into a groovy, danceable tune. Here, the Brooklyn rhymer lays down a catchy hook reminiscent of Maya Angelou's famous "Still I Rise" poem and raps: "They want to see me fail, love to see me down/ Tryna kick me out, but still I rise." 

“I made this song to motivate the underdogs who constantly carry a chip on their shoulder, faced with obstacles, to never forget that there’s no circumstance you can’t overcome," he tells Billboard. "I remember being in the midst of a bomb blast while living in Lagos, Nigeria when thousands of people were jumping in the river fearing for their lives, seeing how people stood together and rose up inspired me." 

Listen to Thutmose's "Still I Rise" exclusively below.