YFN Lucci Plays '1 Has to Go' With Comedians, Fast Food, & Hip-Hop Acts

"Luda, you gone man. I like you though in the movies though," said the Atlanta rapper.

In the latest installment of Billboard's "1 Has 2 Go" series, YFN Lucci takes on the grandest game of shenanigans -- forcing the 26-year-old to eliminate one of the three items presented to him. 

Atlanta's rising rap star took on the challenge deciding between a few important matters: Steven Harvey, Kevin Hart, or Will Ferrell? Chipotle, McDonald's, or Chick-fil-A? The most difficult round, however, included picking between hip-hop acts. 

When it comes down to T.I., OutKast, and Ludacris, Lucci plays an amusing trick on us when he makes you think that he "rocks" with Ludacris yet quickly takes it back with a charming laugh. 

"Ludacris, I ain't gonna keep playing. Luda, you gone. I like you though in the movies though," he admits.

Watch the full episode above for more comedy from the rapper.