Listen to Gucci Mane & The Weeknd Kill Every Groupie's Dream on 'Curve'

Erika Goldring/Getty Images
Gucci Mane performs during Lil Weezyana at Champions Square on Aug. 25, 2017 in New Orleans.

With the release date for Mr. Davis quickly approaching, Gucci Mane is back on the saddle with The Weeknd-assisted single "Curve." 

After previewing the hypnotic track on his Snapchat, The Weeknd provides his meaty verse in full. "The kid back on the whiskey/ Virginia Black got me tipsy/ I'm in L.A. like I'm Nipsey/ Spanish girls wanna kiss me/ A n---a wanna come and diss me/ And put a hex like a gypsy," croons the Starboy. 

Once he scissors his way through his verse, he skewers any and all overzealous groupies on the hook. "With the curve/ I know you don't deserve it, know you don't deserve it/ I got that work/ I know you want the Birkin/ Baby, are you worth it," he sings. 

Afterwards, Guwop arrives at the second verse and pummels the Nav-produced beat with vigor. "Say I, a star was born last night/ Way you showed out on that dick, girl, you performed last night/ That's why you deserve that first class flight/ Bye bye, 'cause I just quenched your thirst last night," he spits. 

Guwop's forthcoming endeavor will include a myriad of stars ranging from Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, Migos, A$AP Rocky, and more. During his interview with author Malcolm Gladwell on Monday (Sept. 11), Guwop highlighted the importance of collaborating. "I think a lot of artists when they get big, they don’t collaborate," he said. "The more money they make, the more closed off they are. That’s why they kind of self-destruct."

Mr. Davis drops this Friday (Sept. 15).