Watch Chance the Rapper Learn 'Blessings (Reprise)' in Sign Language

Chance the Rapper Sign Language, 2017
Courtesy of Pigeons & Planes

Chance the Rapper

As Chance the Rapper continues to shine with his success on tour, he recently took a break and teamed up with ASL itnerpreter extraordinaire Matt Maxey to learn how to perform his song "Blessings (Reprise)" in sign language. 

In the video, Maxey and his partner, Kelly Kurdi, assist Chance in mastering the first verse as part of their tutorial. Earlier in June, Chance hired Maxey's organizational group DEAFinitely Dope, to serve as interpreters for his Be Encouraged Tour. The goal of DEAFinitely Dope is bringing together “the hearing and deaf communities through music and signing.”

Earlier this week, Chance participated in a charity fund-raiser at Chicago's Nando's Restaurant. There, he grilled chicken and greeted patrons. The proceeds from the three-day charity were forwarded to Chance's Social Works charity. 

Watch Chance master signing "Blessings (Reprise)" below.