Wyclef Jean Samples Sounds of Jupiter for Socially Conscious Track 'Borrowed Time': Listen

Wyclef Jean
Karl Ferguson

Wyclef Jean

With Wyclef Jean's forthcoming album The Carnival III: The Fall and Rise of a Refugee set to arrive Sept. 15, he takes an unconventional route for his latest single "Borrowed Time." As part of a collaboration with NASA's Juno Project, Jean incorporates the sounds of Jupiter for his socially-driven record. 

”I worked together with Scott Bolton who developed this, so I got to geek out a bit," says Jean in a press release. "The craziest part for me was that no human being had heard these particular sounds yet. I freaked out when I heard them. To me, we are all vibrations of light and sound. I've done a lot of humbling things in my career, including working closely with Michael Jackson. I wish MJ was here to see us create songs with sonics from the Universe"

"All around us, nature is in harmony,” says Scott Bolton, the astrophysicist and principal investigator behind the Juno Project. “Borrowed Time' is a perfect example of the power possible when we blend the arts and sciences." NASA's Juno Project is currently working with Apple in hopes of developing a fonder appreciation for the arts and science. 

Instead of simply being a spacey track, Jean highlights the importance of being progressive and learning how to find love in a time where uncertainty pervades the universe. "When the shackles are broken, that's when we'll all run free," he sings. 

Listen to Jean's single 'Borrowed Time." below. 

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