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iLoveMakonnen Says He Has No Beef With Drake & OVO: 'It's All Love'

Dylan Hot-Fire

For the past year, iLoveMakonnen has had a tumultuous relationship with Drake and his former label OVO. After telling FADER in March that Drake previously threatened him at a 2016 VMA after-party, the "Tuesday" artist reveals in a new interview with Rap-Up that "it's all love" now between he and his former mentor. 

"I think it’s a whole bunch of misunderstandings," he begins. "Things get so blown out of proportion from other people that aren’t really there […] There really is no issue with me and Drake. We just haven’t had communication, so other people that are around that like to stir up shit, they sort of made it seem like we have some sort of issue with each other, but it’s like, they’re them, I’m me. From what I’ve heard, it’s all love. […] I don’t have anything to say. People need to ask OVO where they stand with Makonnen, because they’re the ones who brought Makonnen to the world stage."

If you recall, Makonnen sung a whole different tune when he spoke to FADER on his alleged encounter with Drake at New York City's Up & Down nightclub last year. "I'm here in the middle of the floor, no security, and they coming and I just step to the side and they see me and stop and the biggest motherfucker in the game goes, woo woo woo, 'Next time I'ma fuck you up!'" he said. "[W]e have a platinum-selling record together! The guy! The leader of the crew! This a nice VMA party, bruh. This ain’t no little back alley on the south side of Atlanta."

Last year, Makonnen revealed that he was no longer signed to Drake's OVO roster, after originally signing with the label back in 2014. "I cannot thank OVO, 40, Oliver, Future & Mr. Morgan, enough for all that they have done for my career. No words can express how much I appreciate Drake for being a part of the success of Tuesday. I’m sure the haters will have something negative to say, but all in all my choice to be solely on Warner Bros Records was the right thing for me and for my best interest. Sorry there’s no beef to report, DRINK MORE WATER.”

You can read the rest of Makonnen's interview on Rap-Up