Sir the Baptist Heads to Space in 'Heaven' Video: Premiere

Sir the Baptist
Sam Cahill for Tympa Media

Sir the Baptist

Sir the Baptist is on a mission to heal hip-hop through his music. Like fellow Chicago native Chance the Rapper, Baptist's soulful tracks are heavily influenced by his Christian upbringing, often taking listeners back to the church. On Tuesday (Sept. 5), the rapper-singer takes the church to new heights in the new video for "Heaven," premiering exclusively below. 

Directed and produced by Baptist along with Jay Cohen, the intergalactic-inspired clip takes viewers on a trippy journey to space, opening with a monologue from the rapper. "I found truth when I was looking for answers/ The problem is much deeper than the lyrics/ We've been in acoustic war for a century/ Music had previously been tuned to the healing frequency of 432Hz," he says over cinematic sound effects playing in the background. 

On "Heaven," the "Deliver Me" rapper's flavored vocals are accompanied by a harmonious church choir and the song's melody is suffused with radio frequency effects and piercing drum strikes. Rather than taking the lead in the psychedelic visual, a shadow of the rapper is seen delivering his verses as the visual focuses on the "urban monks" -- young and old -- dancing on the streets with glee. At the breakdown of "Heaven," the visual fades to black and transforms to a black and white clip as Baptist, joined by a bunch of little kids, throw confetti around.

"America is hurting. In times like these, we need music that cares and brings people a piece of 'Heaven.' Not just for those suffering in Houston and surrounding areas, but for the whole world," he tells Billboard. "I directed and edited this video, not just to inspire, but to move us towards a higher mission. A mission to show that music cares."

In light of the Hurricane Harvey disaster, "Heaven" is also a call to action. "In addition to the release of 'Heaven,' I’ve partnered with H&S Commercial & Industrial Supplies and Services to recruit 1,200 people to employ and become 'Urban Monks' and contribute their time and energy to towards recovery efforts in Texas," says Sir the Baptist.

Watch the video for "Heaven" below.