Joey Bada$$ Plays Casanova Cruising Through the Streets in His '500 Benz' Video

Joey Badass in the video for "500 Benz"
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Joey Badass, "500 Benz"

Though he just released his sophomore album All-Amerikkkan Bada$$ in April, Joey Bada$$ unpacked three new songs in July, including his smooth release "500 Benz." On Tuesday (Aug. 29), the Brooklyn MC unearthed the visuals for his car-happy track. 

In "500 Benz," Bada$$ is posted up behind the classic black vehicle, flexing his innate wordplay abilities. "They only suck a n----a when a n---a succeedin'/ If she a go-getter then she never will achieve 'em/ Best believe, 'cause all I do is f--kin' lead 'em/ Off in the right direction, teacher lent me lessons," he raps. 

From there, Bada$$ gets behind the wheel and picks up his lady friend for the ride. "So anytime I'm pullin' off, it's getaway fashion/ Coppers'll never catch him, I got hustler's passion/ Chick in my passenger seat, she lookin' like she came out the pageant/ And she down for anything that I ask or imagine," he spits on the second verse. Proving to be the modern-day Casanova, Bada$$ pulls out a rose to seal the deal with his date. 

In a recent interview with Billboard, the burgeoning star brushed off any doubts he may have had regarding his second album. "I made the best album to date," Bada$$ said. "I mean, I gotta make a better one than that, but I believe that in my heart that album [was good]. Before there was anybody judging me and my music, it was just me. I was dictating what was hot to me. So I'm still doing that, you know what I mean?"

Watch Bada$$' "500 Benz" below.


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