Taylor Bennett Talks Surprise Release, 'Throw Aways: Unmixed': 'This Is To Tide People Over'

Evan Brown
Taylor Bennett

Yesterday (Aug. 22), Taylor Bennett dropped a new project with only so much as "two tweets then blam" as a warning. Throw Aways: Unmixed was released on Soundcloud and will be made available for one week only -- then it will be taken down. 

"I wanted to give [fans] something to hold them over until the new album [is out] -- which is so good, by the way. We just really started working on it," Bennett tells Billboard.

Bennett reveals that the tracks on Throw Aways span from when he was 16 up until recently recorded material that he knew was never going to be used, like the Surf outtake "Gimmie A Call" that features older brother Chance the Rapper

"As an artist, as a musician, everything is sort of calculated in terms of [what] songs fit on this album and don’t fit on that album," Bennett admits. "There are a lot of good tracks I was going through that I never got a chance to put out. I wanted my fans to see that there’s this side of Taylor Bennett."

Bennett's upcoming album will be produced by Ludlow, who worked on Broad Shoulders and is credited with "Everybody" off Throw Aways. Since no date for the album has yet been announced, Bennett relates this project is "to tide people over." "I put it out is because I’m about to buckle down, and make sure [this upcoming project] is better than Broad Shoulders and Restoration Of An American Idol, which I know it has the potential to be."

Steam Throw Aways: Unmixed below, while you still can.