Waka Flocka Flame, Mya & Russell Simmons Discuss Their Vegan Lifestyles in New PETA Video

Waka Flocka, Russell Simmons & Mya
Courtesy Photo

Waka Flocka, Russell Simmons and Mya during PETA's "Vegan Roundtable" session.

The latest fad on the Internet comes courtesy of What The Health, a new Netflix documentary that highlights the dangers of eating meats and dairy and encourages individuals to adopt a plant-based lifestyle. Looking to educate the public further, longtime vegan, Russell Simmons, along with Waka Flocka Flame and Mya, hosted a roundtable for a new PETA video, discussing their journey to veganism and how important the plant-based lifestyle is. 

Seated at a table at Crossroads Kitchen in Los Angeles, Waka recalls his initial foray into the world of veganism and although it was short-lived, his health condition at the time caused him to explore the diet even more.

"I blew up like a blimp, quick like stretch marks, I was up to like a size 44 jeans, 3X, 4X shirts," Flocka told Simmons and Mya. The rapper started to take his health more seriously, researching the foods he consumed and his discoveries forced him to adopt the diet fully. "I got on stage I felt better, my attitude was better, everything about me was better; I was more acceptive to everybody."

Simmons' choice to become vegan was due to the "the hundred billion animals" being killed and the diseases that are caused by certain foods. Meanwhile, R&B songstress Mya says practicing vegan was a "willpower challenge" after following pescatarian and vegetarian diets.

"I was awakened to things that my parents didn't know. I was raised on dairy, I was raised on pork, chitlins, food, steak, chicken, everything," she offered. "Once I opened my eyes and was seeking knowledge, that's when I received all the information, which led me to stick to it. So now it's a lifetime commitment because now I can't turn back."

Watch the full roundtable discussion below.