10 Important Facts About Rap's New Rising Star Cardi B

Cardi B, 2017
Shaniqwa Jarvis

Cardi B photographed July 19 at Lovely Day in New York.

In less than two years, Cardi B has seemingly bloomed into the Cinderella of hip-hop.

After seguing from an exotic dancer to an Instagram powerhouse (she currently has over 8 million followers), she has again upgraded her glass slippers in hopes of evolving into rap's biggest star. This year, the Bronx native struck gold with her thunderous single "Bodak Yellow." 

With there being a dearth of talent in the pool of female MCs, Cardi is hoping to continue her big splash with "Bodak Yellow" serving as her launching pad in music. In case you're unfamiliar with the Latina firecracker, take a look below and learn more about the 24-year-old MC. 

She's Signed to Atlantic Records

Earlier this year, Cardi B demonstrated that she was more than just an Instagram star when she netted a deal with Atlantic Records. 

"I had a lot of deals on the table but like they gave me the best offer, the one that I don't have to owe them much, and they just gave me a lot of money so I took it," she told FADER for her July/August cover story. "They gave the right number, so I chose them. It was significantly more than other [deals]. I heard a lot of good things and they was really eager to work with me so I was just like, if they want to give this money then it's because they're really gonna work hard for me."

Her Favorite Artists Are Madonna & Lady Gaga

Despite being a hard-nosed MC, when it comes to her favorite artists, she strays from her element and listens to the likes of Lady Gaga and Madonna

She Teamed Up With Migos Star, Offset on "Lick."

Before Cardi had hip-hop in a frenzy with her booming single "Bodak Yellow," she used her track "Lick" to flex on her detractors. "B----es, got me on some new sh-t/ I swear n----as got me feelin' ruthless/ Too much mo'f--kers done doubted me/ That's why I had to just prove it," she rapped. 

"Bodak Yellow" Was Inspired by Kodak Black

According to the former Love and Hip-Hop star, her high-octane banger that is "Bodak Yellow" originally was inspired by "Tunnelvision" artist Kodak Black. "I named it Bodak Yellow because the flow of the song will remind you of a song that Kodak Black did called "No Flockin," she said in an interview earlier this year. During a session on Instagram Live, Black dished out high praise to the 24-year-old artist. "I ain't gon' lie. At first, I didn't really like Cardi B, but then I heard that "Bodak Yellow." I like the song," he said. 

She Starred on VH1's Love & Hip-Hop for Two Seasons

After her whimsical side earned her millions of followers on Instagram, Cardi took her talents to Love & Hip-Hop, where she starred on season six and season of the VH1 reality show. Her spunky attitude proved to be a major draw for viewers every Monday night. In December 2016, Cardi announced her departure from the show in hopes of jump-starting her music career. 

“I don’t want people to think I became a rapper because I was on Love and Hip Hop,” she said on Instagram Live. “There are a couple of songs that are on the mixtape that I been did before Love and Hip-Hop, it just wasn’t completely perfect. It wasn’t completely perfect and everything takes time.

She Used to Work as an Exotic Dancer

Before Cardi B became a staple on the social media scene, she was dancing at several Gentleman's Clubs in New York City. After her torrid run on social media, she exited from the scene in 2015 and began "living off of club hosting gigs and the miscellaneous income streams reserved for social media influencers."

She Earned a Reoccurring Role on BET's Being Mary Jane

Though Cardi ousted her reality TV dreams out of the window, she didn't quite say goodbye to television altogether. Last year, she notched a deal with BET's TV-series Being Mary Jane, where she would play the role of Mercedes alongside seasoned veteran Gabrielle Union. “My character is somewhat like me. She is a spoiled, rich, 'hood girl," she laughed. "I see myself in her because she is a little bossy," she told Latina earlier this year. 

She Released Two Mixtapes in Gangsta B---h Music Vol. 1Gangsta B---h Music Vol. 2 

While Cardi B's brand revolves around her jocular nature, when she enters the studio, a whole different persona creaks out. In 2016, she made her debut into hip-hop with her braggadocios mixtape, Gangsta B---h Music Vol. 1. Unimpressed by her first project, Cardi attempted to reinvent the wheel and carved out her latest effort Gangsta B---- Music Vol. 2, which includes her Offset-assisted single "Lick." 

"Bodak Yellow" Currently Sits at No. 8 on the Billboard Hot 100.

In a matter of weeks, "Bodak Yellow" has morphed into a tornado of fury. After the track entered the Hot 100 at No. 78, Cardi's edgy single sped past its competitors and is currently parked at No. 8

Drake Is Team Cardi 

When Drake spots an artist he really likes, he has no problem vocalizing it. Last week, Drake pulled out Cardi to perform "Bodak Yellow" at OVO Fest and later was spotted hanging out with her at the club. 


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