Torii Wolf Unleashes 'Free' With Macklemore & DJ Premier

Torii Wolf, "Free" ft Macklemore and DJ Premier
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Torii Wolf, "Free" ft Macklemore and DJ Premier

Legendary DJ and producer DJ Premier is looking to strengthen his musical legacy with his newest signee Torii Wolf. The pair has previously worked together on Torii's debut single "1st" and later on "Shadows Crawl." Now, Wolf is preparing to drop her debut album, FLOW RiiOT, via DJ Premier's To The Top label on Sept. 29 and has recruited Macklemore to help set things off on the lead single "Free."

"“Free” is a special tune. It’s very relatable. True freedom comes from within; it’s the battle we face each day with our own identity. Having the confidence to be comfortable in our skin and with who we are, and being our true authentic selves," Wolf told Complex.

Torii's breathy vocals float atop the raucous, high-spirited production from King of Chill. "We are free, we are free/it's important to me that you know we are free," she chants on the chorus.

Macklemore's infectious flow comes in as the rapper delivers his own encouraging words. "Beer knuckles in these gloves gotta take them off/You knuckle up, or run from what you struggle from/It's just another day under the sun baby I'm living free."

Listen to Wolf's "Free" here: