Carti Bankx is Feeling 'Young & Heartless' on New Mixtape: Premiere

Quierra Imani
Cardi Bankx

Milwaukee-based MC Carti Bankx is letting everyone knows how he feels on the moody Young & Heartless mixtape, available exclusively today (Aug. 9) on Billboard.

The set is full of cuts to accompany your entire night, including the cruising track “Nights Like This,” the bonafide banger “Distance,” and the celestial introspective piece “On Me.” The 18-year old rapper and member of Skizzy Mars' collective adds depth to his rough-edged R&B and rap aesthetic by keeping it real with his pen.

“I’ve been through a lot this past year, learned a lot, experienced a lot, heartbreak, stages of depression, people hating,” Bankx says. “Never did I let anything get to me, nor break me... I learned not to drown in my emotions, but to put it in the music.”

The young artist appears to embrace this outlet with all of the heart and sense that the mixtape’s title rails against. When it comes to Bankx’s vision, everything is coming in fully grown.

Check out Carti Bankx’s full Young & Heartless mixtape below: