Watch JAY-Z Open Up About His Relationship With His Father on the 'Footnotes of Adnis'

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Live NationĀ 
Jay Z performs onstage during the Puff Daddy and The Family Bad Boy Reunion Tour presented by Ciroc Vodka And Live Nation at Barclays Center on May 20, 2016 in New York City.

After unveiling his wounds from his turbulent relationship with his father on "Adnis," JAY-Z returns with another stirring visual, this time for the "Footnotes of Adnis."

For his latest episode, JAY-Z candidly explains how he learned to transform his disdain for his father into sheer respect. "All my songs up until this point have been about anger with my dad," Hov recalls. "As an adult looking back, now I have a different perspective of it. I started thinking, 'Man, my dad married my mother at a time when everybody was leaving.' He tried."

He continues: "My mom had two kids before him. She had four kids by 20. I was the youngest child. They were young. That don't check the box of what I thought. That don't check the box of somebody who wasn't shit. You married this woman with four kids and they was together for 11 years. Now the story gets different."

On Friday, JAY-Z released the video for "Adnis," featuring Mahershala Ali and Danny Glover. Ali played the role of a tenacious boxer who was sparring with his trainer, played by Glover. "Adnis" was one of the three bonus tracks that didn't appear on the digital version of 4:44; it can be found on the physical copy. 

Check out the visuals for the "Footnotes of Adnis" here, if you have TIDAL.