Phil Ade is More Than Confident on His New Song 'No Fear' With Tate Kobang & Saba Abraha: Premiere

Phil Ade

Phil Ade

After leaving an indelible mark on Wale's SHIN3 Tour, Phil Ade is ready to seize his opportunity at rap stardom. The DMV upstart debuts his new track with Billboard titled "No Fear."

"No Fear" features Tate Kobang and Saba Abraha. The motivational record is the official song for WWE NXT and will premiere Aug. 19 on the WWE Network. "No Fear" will also be included on Ade's debut album Selfish

"I took a break from releasing music but never stopped recording," Ade tells Billboard. "I had an entire album I was finishing up in 2014-2015 that I ended up scrapping when I got the invitation to work with Wale."

For Ade, he pounced on the opportunity to work with his DMV cohort, while also piecing together his forthcoming album Selfish.

"I went on the road with him for his The Album About Nothing promo tour and also ended up moving from Maryland to LA to work with him on SHINE while he simultaneously helped me put together another album," says Ade. "That's where we are now. My new album Selfish is ready and coming soon.  "No Fear" is just a small first taste of what you can expect from this album."

Take a listen to Ade's charged-up song "No Fear" below.