10 Motivational Quotes From Meek Mill's 'Wins & Losses' Album

Rick Diamond/Getty Images
Meek Mill performs during V-103 Live Pop Up Concert at Philips Arena on March 25, 2017 in Atlanta. 

On Friday (July 21), Meek Mill won the ears of social media with his third album Wins and Losses. Serving as the follow-up to his 2015 project Dreams Worth More Than Money, Wins and Losses finds the Philly MC digging deep into the trenches with hard-nosed lyricism. 

Throughout the album, Meek exudes the grittiness of a fearless street solider. Moving past the recent blunders stemming from his 2015 beef with Drake, as well as his fallout with ex-girlfriend Nicki Minaj, he acknowledges his faults and finds ways to right his wrongs with motivational gems. 

Take a look at some of Meek's most uplifting lines from Wins and Losses below. 

"Wins and Losses" 

"Wins and the losses, it come with being bosses"

"N----s tried to count me out, I guess they thought I was normal
They ain't know I was different, I'm like "Lord be my witness"

"Heavy Heart"

"Seen half these n---as turn they back when rappers tried to come for me
Don't want them in my company just want to be a company"

"1942 Flows"

"Started off poor with plans to earn more
Now we own stores and f--k the baddest whores
I was on tour with n----s that's so raw
Started selling white, we won't sell it no more"

"I done seen all these niggas try to down play my dreams
So I'ma give it to 'em everytime I'm on the scene"

"These Scars"

No more Rollies, I'm just buying more properties
Young n---as watching me, give 'em that game properly

"Never Lose"

"N---as sleeping on me, tell 'em let 'em snooze"

"All this controversy I've been through
It can never hurt me if it never murk me"

"I can't forget that I came from the bottom
But if I look back, I might happen to fall"


"Ain't no price in the Lord
I got outta the system, I jumped right on the Forbes"