The LOX on JAY-Z's '4:44' Album: 'It's a Great Body of Work'

Jason "Jadakiss" Phillips, David "Styles P" Styles, and Sean "Sheek Louch" Jacobs of The Lox
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Jason "Jadakiss" Phillips, David "Styles P" Styles, and Sean "Sheek Louch" Jacobs of The Lox backstage at the 2017 Hot 97 Summer Jam at MetLife Stadium on June 11, 2017 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. 

For 20-plus years, The LOX have been major players in the East Coast rap scene. 

Comprised of some of hip-hop's most feared lyricists -- Jadakiss, Styles P and Sheek Louch -- The LOX solidified their legacy with hard-nosed lyricism and cleverly told street talesAfter making splashes with Bad Boy and Ruff Ryders in the '90s and 2000s, the New York triumvirate shifted labels and relocated to JAY-Z's Roc Nation in 2016.

Once the deal was inked, they released their comeback album Filthy America...It's Beautiful in December. The album was the group's first project since their prized offering, We Are the Streets, which was released in 2000. Hungry for more, the Yonkers triad are already busy in the studio working on their next endeavor.

Over the weekend, The LOX spoke with Billboard after their performance at the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival to discuss their favorite studio session from We Are the Streets, JAY-Z's 4:44 and their NBA comparisons. Take a look at the entertaining conversation below:

Talk about your favorite studio session from the group's debut album, We Are the Streets Vol. 1. 

Sheek Louch: A lot of music. A lot of pit bulls. [Laughs]

Jadakiss: For We Are the Streets, we'd just gotten off Bad Boy. So we were just back in our element and were going up to Powerhouse every night just creating. It was a difference than going to Daddy's House every night creating. We was back in our comfort zone. That's why the songs came out like that. That's why the album came out like that. We made it where we started at. No knock to Daddy's House, you know what I mean? We made a lot of history. We made "All About the Benjamins" there. That's one of our biggest songs ever, but in retrospect to that, that whole "Let The LOX Go" campaign and us going back to Ruff Ryders and recording in our hometown in Yonkers, New York, in Getty Square at Powerhouse Studios, it was a different come-off. That was We Are the Streets

Styles P: Me? Pretty much every session. I mean, because it's a body of work that meant what it meant. We were on our sh-- from start to finish, as far as I was concerned. For me, it was just the whole vibe of it altogether. I can't really pick a particular one.

As fans of hip-hop, what did you guys think of JAY-Z's 4:44 album? 

Jadakiss: Very nice. Very real. JAY was talking that talk.

Sheek Louch: When you think he's losing you with his intelligence, he comes right back with "Bam." Come on, man. That reminded me of the old Hov with that kind of sh-- he was talking. 

Jadakiss: The second verse on "Marcy Me" was crazy. 

Sheek Louch: Even with him opening up to a lot of sh-- that he told us for no f---ing reason, like with him and his relationships and certain sh-- that was going on was extra cool. 

Jadakiss: It was a great body of work.

Sheek Louch: It was 'cause n---as or the media will paint a picture of some sh-- that it all ain't.

Styles P: It was an awesome body of work. That whole sh--.

Jadakiss: [Begins rapping] "I watched Godfather. I missed that whole sh--."

Sheek Louch: He said a lot of sh--.

Jadakiss: "N----as skipping leg day, so they can run their mouths/ I be skipping leg day and I still run the world."

Styles P: I love the sh-- that he was talking about on that f---ing "The Story of O.J."

Jadakiss: I liked how he was talking about Dumbo and Prince's estate. Crazy!

Sheek Louch: It was a great body of work. Great body of work. 

When I last spoke to Jada, he said his NBA comparison was Klay Thompson. So, Sheek and Styles, who would you compare yourselves to in the NBA and why?

Jadakiss: I'm really 'Melo [Carmelo Anthony].

You sure you want be 'Melo? He has a lot going on right now...

Jadakiss: 'Melo is that n---a, and he doesn't get his credit. But as soon as it's time to get busy, he shows and proves every time. Every trip, every trip!

Sheek Louch: If my n---a score more, then I'm Draymond [Green.] If he scores more points, I'm gonna talk to you n---as like bitches, and I know y'all bitches, so I'm gonna treat y'all like bitches. That's how I'm gonna treat y'all until y'all show me different. If you show me different, then I'm gonna go about my game like that.

Styles P: I'm Kawhi Leonard. 

Sheek Louch: Easy!

Jadakiss: Both sides of the ball. 

Styles P: I give you offense, defense. I play both sides and I'm quiet. I got the flow and the bars. 

Sheek Louch: Nah, but you're aggressive too, though. 

Styles P: He's aggressive, but he's quiet. He ain't gonna say much. He gets the job done. You might not notice it, but when you look at the numbers, it's outstanding. 

Jadakiss: F--- it. I'm LeBron Jordan!


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