Musiq Soulchild Returns With Two New Videos 'Start Over' & 'Simple Things': Premiere

Musiq Soulchild
Courtesy of eOne Music

Musiq Soulchild

For Musiq Soulchild, he has hit the reset button on his music career so that he can "Start Over." On Monday (July 17), the acclaimed crooner debuts his two newest videos "Start Over" and "Simple Things" with Billboard, in light of his forthcoming album, Feel the Real

His first video, "Start Over," finds him painting the dream scenario for true lovers. After being given a do-over at romance, he attempts to play his cards right and take advantage of his shot at redemption.

"'Start Over' is something like a 'what if' scenario," Musiq tells Billboard. "Everyone has their own 'the one that got away' story, maybe they or you found someone else, maybe too much time has passed, maybe for whatever reasons things just didn't work out. Now imagine for a moment you had the chance to try again... how would you 'Start Over?'"

As for his second video, "Simple Things," Musiq learns how to smile and appreciate life's most overlooked offerings. While many adore the lavish things, the "Teach Me" singer is fine with just the bare essentials. 

"'Simple Things" is about waking up, breathing fresh air, drinking clean water, eating good food, having a comfortable place to sleep, spending time with people who make you happy, and instead of stressing over things you don't have, just remembering to be grateful for what you do," adds Musiq.

Feel the Real drops this September on Entertainment One. Start your morning right with both videos and check out the album cover art below. 

"Start Over"

"Simple Things"