Hip-Hop Radio Duo Stretch & Bobbito to Reunite for New NPR Podcast

John Phillips/Getty Images for BFI
Stretch Armstrong (L) and Bobbito Garcia attend the FilmMaker Afternoon Tea during the BFI London Film Festival at The Mayfair Hotel on Oct. 16, 2015 in London, England. 

After a 19-year hiatus from the airwaves, famed hip-hop radio duo Stretch & Bobbito will reunite for their new podcast What's Good With Stretch & Bobbito on NPR

In the 1990s, Stretch & Bobbito played an integral role in shaping hip-hop radio. Artists such as Nas, JAY-Z, Eminem and The Notorious B.I.G. provided telling interviews and hard-hitting freestyles on their radio show.

For the debut season of the new show on NPR, the legendary tandem will chat with some of the biggest players in music, sports, and entertainment; Stevie Wonder, Mahershala Ali, Eddie Huang, Chance the Rapper and Dave Chappelle will all make appearances on the new podcast, which airs its first episode July 19.

“The potential to meet audiences in a really meaningful and sincere way via such a trusted source for critical thinking has no parallel,” co-host Bobbito Garcia said in a press release. “We’re hoping to open up the minds of both our '90s loyal following as well as NPR's built-in listeners with the conversations we have with our esteemed guests."

For Stretch Armstrong, one of hip-hop's most daunting questions finally has an answer, courtesy of NPR. "We now have an answer to the question, ‘Will Stretch and Bobbito ever do another show together!?’ and I'm ridiculously thrilled that the answer is yes,” he said in a statement. “Having been important shapers of culture in New York and beyond in the '90s via FM radio and cassette sharing, it's great to have a new opportunity to be a part of the NPR landscape, where hopefully, we will contribute something unique to the cultural conversation that reflects not only where we come from but also where we are now.”

Tune in July 19 for their debut episode, as Chappelle will serve as the show's first guest. The 30-minute episodes will be available on NPR One.